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When you want a tasty snack,

When the search for varieties smack,

There is one choice to take,

A marvelous make,

Of flavorful, delicious, chips!


One can, or two,

Pick more if you choose,

 ‘Cause Pringles are a hit,

The best kind of chip,

You can never resist.


Plenty of varieties to choose,

Flavors you should never loose,

Don’t miss the taste,

Of that marvelous make,

Deliciously in shape.


Pizza, cheddar, BBQ are just a few,

Of all the flavors you might have knew,

Famous and classic,

Delightful and fantastic,

The main favorite snack.


So now we conclude the main,

Awesome chips that came,

No more mingle,

Just by a Pringle,

It’s just that easy.


Pop open the can and eat,

Adore this tasty treat,

“Once you pop,

The fun don’t stop”,

It’s true what they say.

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