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The Titanic,


Was a very famous ship,

It sank down in the sea,

A tragic ending flip.


Things could have been changed,

People would have been saved,

But all those bad decisions,

Let the tragedy range.


Put more lifeboats on,

Or listen to the warning,

But those thing were avoided,

And everyone was mourning.


The gigantic ship,

Crashed into ice,

The captain didn’t listen,

So he paid the price.


The ship started breaking,

Crumbling, in pieces,

People were screaming,

As the death range increases.


The ship has finally sunk,

The unsinkable Titanic,

Rests in the ocean,

Of the Atlantic.


The icy waters pressured,

The ones overboard,

Barely anyone could live,

Tears started to pour.


We now remember this disaster,

As a warning to not go faster,

To make wise choices,

And hear other voices.

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